The 2017 NSA Codebreaker Challenge has concluded. Thank you to everyone that participated and congratulations to each student that was able to make progress in the challenge! We hope that each participant was able to improve his/her reverse engineering abilities while also getting a realistic look at some of the work involved in carrying out the NSA's mission.

Overall, there were:

  • 3103 students participating from 539 educational institutions
  • 1098 students that solved Task 0
  • 453 students that solved Task 1
  • 380 students that solved Task 2
  • 98 students that solved Task 3
  • 49 students that solved Task 4
  • 25 students that solved Task 5
  • 3 students that solved Task 6

The tables below show more results from the challenge. Each table can be sorted by clicking on a column, and the search box at the top allows you to search for a specific university.

Challenge Backstory
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has requested NSA’s assistance in investigating unusual network activity within a large SCADA system. The system controls critical infrastructure for multiple cities, so it’s imperative that an assessment is carried out immediately. If any intrusions are found, then we need to identify how the systems were compromised and neutralize the threat. DHS is concerned that someone might be attempting to take control of the distributed sensor nodes and form a large botnet. If this happens, they could use it to wreak havoc across the cities and potentially launch DDoS attacks against other critical networks. We need your help to stop this from happening!

For this challenge, students were given a series of six tasks, each increasing in difficulty, with the ultimate goal of completely neutralizing the botnet. These tasks are summarized as follows:
  • Setup a test instance of the system (Task 0)
  • Analyze suspicious network traffic (Tasks 1 and 2)
  • Analyze critical system components for vulnerabilities (Tasks 3 and 4)
  • Perform forensic analysis of a compromised endpoint (Task 5)
  • Craft an exploit for the botnet server and devise a strategy to clean the infected endpoints (Task 6)
Task 6 Solvers

The table below shows the rankings of the individuals that completed all six tasks in the challenge, along with his/her start time, end time, and the time taken. Note - each student's name will not be posted here unless we get his/her permission to do so.

RankNameUniversityStart TimeFinish TimeTime Taken
1 Aaron Lafayette College 2017-09-15 21:49:03 2017-09-27 21:26:35 11 days, 23 hrs, 37 mins, 32 secs
2 Robert Xiao Carnegie Mellon University 2017-09-15 21:53:25 2017-10-06 03:06:19 20 days, 05 hrs, 12 mins, 54 secs
3 Carnegie Mellon University 2017-09-22 23:58:31 2017-10-07 04:10:21 14 days, 04 hrs, 11 mins, 50 secs
Solution Totals

The table below highlights the total number of participants from each university, along with the number of correct solutions to each task.

UniversityStudents ParticipatingTask 0Task 1Task 2Task 3Task 4Task 5Task 6
North Carolina State University552611116300
Johns Hopkins University451811102100
University of Hawaii702313115540
Pennsylvania State University1475917149630
University of Florida102100000
University of Advancing Technology369321000
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University3711541100
Virginia Community College System4717321110
University of Maryland, Baltimore County9927530000
Naval Postgraduate School94321000
George Mason University194000000
Henry Ford College50000000
Air Force Institute of Technology93320000
Colorado State University - Global Campus90000000
Stevens Institute of Technology75220000
United States Military Academy3311440000
Lewis University52000000
Norwich University71100000
University of Memphis2111764400
Texas A&M University - College Station1223915133100
Cedarville College10000000
Dakota State University793111101000
New York University51000000
University of Southern California158321000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology2612652220
University of Arkansas System eVersity11110000
Tufts University21000000
County College of Morris181000000
Wake Forest University10000000
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology42111000
Augsburg College11110000
University of Delaware172000000
Lafayette College73221111
Fairleigh Dickinson University10000000
Georgia Institute of Technology8745333014530
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs116221000
Fordham University62210000
University of New Mexico63221000
Morgan State University62220000
University of Maryland, College Park256110000
Iowa State University2814862000
University of Central Florida83220000
Carnegie Mellon University4216884422
Bellevue University215330000
Purdue University4113771110
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences21110000
University of Virginia, Charlottesville205442100
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology84330000
Kansas State University41100000
University of Cincinnati54241081000
University of Illinois at Springfield5917631000
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill11000000
Texas State Technical College42000000
University of Texas at El Paso3416872100
Old Dominion University152000000
University of Alabama at Birmingham31000000
Rice University20000000
University of Alabama at Huntsville61110000
Technical University of Munich11111110
University of North Carolina at Charlotte71000000
North Carolina A&T State University51000000
Coastal Bend College11000000
Rochester Institute of Technology111000000
Davidson County Community College10000000
Indiana State University11000000
Montreat College90000000
University of Pittsburgh71000000
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania111110000
Columbus State University61000000
Indiana University122110000
Hagerstown Community College60000000
Capitol Technology University1510760000
Terra State Community College41110000
Stony Brook University62100000
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana135220000
Hallmark University22110000
United States Air Force Academy60000000
Bowie State University139000000
Guilford College51000000
California State University, Los Angeles41000000
University of West Florida21100000
University of San Francisco11110000
Utica College123110000
Indiana University Bloomington20000000
University of Maryland - University College411910102000
University of Tulsa1915665220
Champlain College4821550000
United States Naval Academy30000000
Arcadia University10000000
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign224220000
Harford Community College41000000
Marist College22000000
University of Houston239220000
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities64331000
Craven Community College40000000
Auburn University21000000
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory11000000
Davenport University115210000
West Virginia University153110000
Liberty University134330000
University of Central Missouri20000000
Tennessee Technological University50000000
University of Texas at San Antonio199210000
Florida Polytechnic University31110000
Georgetown University21111100
University of Utah20000000
Roger Williams University10000000
Our Lady of the Lake University11110000
University of North Texas22000000
Missouri University of Science and Technology122000000
Wake Forest Baptist Health11000000
Rutgers University, Newark123110000
Pensacola Christian College30000000
Montgomery College92220000
Western Governors University73110000
University of Kansas40000000
Lake Superior College32000000
University of Alaska10000000
University of Nebraska, Omaha41110000
University of North Georgia133000000
Michigan Technological University92000000
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona72220000
Pitt Community College10000000
Arizona State University362113131000
The Citadel61000000
Hood College31110000
Columbia University132000000
Cornell University51110000
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor61000000
University of Texas at Dallas147552000
Drexel University21000000
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University52000000
Colorado State University31000000
University of California, Berkeley73221000
College of William and Mary21000000
University of California, San Diego42100000
University of Texas at Austin317221100
Midwestern State University10000000
Oregon State University238211000
University of Chicago93220000
Anne Arundel Community College62110000
Sierra College20000000
Alamo Colleges30000000
Blinn College21000000
Chemeketa Community College11110000
Blue Ridge Community College11100000
Palomar College21000000
University of California, Riverside118220000
Governors State University20000000
University of Missouri - Columbia30000000
American Public University System92110000
Mississippi State University107321110
Houston Community College11111000
Southern Utah University41000000
Wisconsin Lutheran College10000000
Wake Technical Community College21000000
Ohio State University, Columbus104111100
Vanderbilt University10000000
American University50000000
George Washington University247100000
Nevada System of Higher Education10000000
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology22100000
Mississippi College11100000
Colorado Technical University73220000
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico20000000
Lesley University21111110
University of South Dakota10000000
San Mateo County Community College District53110000
Lewis & Clark College31000000
University of Arkansas - Little Rock136000000
University of Idaho1812761000
Miami University of Ohio10000000
SANS Technology Institute43110000
Ferris State University22220000
Maricopa County Community College District53110000
Northeastern University71110000
Lone Star College10000000
University of South Carolina11000000
College of Southern Maryland21000000
Duquesne University32100000
Pulaski Technical College10000000
University of Phoenix42220000
Kennesaw State University20000000
University of California, Davis104320000
Baker College10000000
University of South Alabama32110000
Northern Arizona University11000000
University of Arizona40000000
Coastal Alabama Community College10000000
University of California, Los Angeles20000000
Frederick Community College30000000
Boston University82110000
Carleton College10000000
University of Colorado at Boulder62110000
San Jose State University73110000
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art11000000
Santa Barbara City College11110000
Indiana Institute of Technology20000000
Washington & Jefferson College10000000
University of North Florida21110000
Illinois Institute of Technology11110000
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center10000000
Rowan College10000000
University of Wisconsin - Madison20000000
Clark State Community College10000000
North Dakota State University21000000
Mississippi Valley State University10000000
University of South Florida95210000
DePaul University52000000
Aims Community College11110000
University of California, Irvine21111000
Johns Hopkins Medicine10000000
Mohawk Valley Community College20000000
Seattle Pacific University10000000
Augusta University162000000
Capella University30000000
Hampshire College10000000
Harvard University94110000
Syracuse University93111100
Southern New Hampshire University63210000
State University of New York at Buffalo92110000
Franklin University21100000
Florida Atlantic University10000000
Arkansas State University10000000
Goucher College10000000
Florida International University54110000
National University10000000
Lock Haven University10000000
Calhoun Community College10000000
University of Pennsylvania21110000
Mott Community College10000000
City University of New York62000000
Duke University32111110
Kaplan University31000000
Columbia College (SC)10000000
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo11000000
Middle Tennessee State University20000000
City College of San Francisco21100000
The Scripps Research Institute10000000
Regis University11000000
Jackson State Community College20000000
Tusculum College10000000
Xavier University10000000
Wayne State University10000000
University of Nebraska, Lincoln61000000
Isothermal Community College10000000
University of Nevada, Reno72210000
Brigham Young University52210000
Valley Forge Military Academy & College11100000
University of Washington93111110
University of Mary Washington10000000
University of Oregon51000000
Brown University20000000
United States Coast Guard Academy22000000
Baylor University21000000
University of Tennessee, Knoxville20000000
Pohang University of Science and Technology10000000
Southwestern College (CA)10000000
State University of New York at Fredonia10000000
Mercer University10000000
Ana G. Méndez University System10000000
Wright State University30000000
Polytechnic University of Catalonia31000000
James Madison University75000000
Alliant International University10000000
Boston College30000000
St. Clair County Community College20000000
Walden University51110000
California State University, Sacramento64421110
San Francisco State University20000000
Western Washington University83100000
Western Kentucky University20000000
Wellesley College30000000
Tiffin University20000000
Frostburg State University20000000
Southern Methodist University30000000
Mount St. Mary's University30000000
Daytona State University10000000
University of Texas at Tyler20000000
West Chester University of Pennsylvania10000000
Monmouth University11000000
New York Institute of Technology113000000
Bristol Community College10000000
West Virginia Wesleyan College21110000
Towson State University33100000
Fountainhead College of Technology139400000
Howard Community College10000000
University of Toledo20000000
LDS Business College10000000
Florida State University135440000
Northern Virginia Community College11000000
Ball State University10000000
Alabama A&M University10000000
Saint John's University (NY)31000000
University of the Incarnate Word10000000
Mitchell Community College10000000
Purdue University Northwest168220000
Washington State University at Tri-Cities40000000
State University of New York at Albany2214110000
Concordia College - Moorhead11000000
Rose State College10000000
Georgia Gwinnett College20000000
Colgate University10000000
Colorado Community College System21110000
Forsyth Technical Community College10000000
Texas Woman's University10000000
University of Kentucky22000000
East Carolina University32000000
Davidson College30000000
Middlebury College10000000
Indiana University of Pennsylvania51110000
Saint Cloud State University10000000
Delta College10000000
New Jersey Institute of Technology30000000
Chattahoochee Technical College21000000
ECPI University40000000
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College11000000
Community College of Baltimore County31000000
Northland Community & Technical College11000000
Roosevelt University50000000
Middle Georgia State College11100000
Darton State College11110000
Thomas Edison State University21111000
St. Petersburg College21100000
Central Piedmont Community College10000000
University of Massachusetts at Lowell20000000
Tulane University10000000
Oregon Institute of Technology11000000
University of Georgia20000000
Mt. San Antonio College11000000
Virginia Commonwealth University83000000
Florida State College at Jacksonville32000000
Columbia College10000000
Palm Beach State College11110000
Eastern Kentucky University10000000
Sonoma State University20000000
Louisiana State University40000000
Colorado School of Mines10000000
Mt. Hood Community College10000000
University of California, Santa Barbara10000000
Grand Rapids Community College10000000
Michigan State University10000000
École Polytechnique11110000
Austin Community College21000000
Washtenaw Community College10000000
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee20000000
Fayetteville State University10000000
Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne11000000
Bossier Parish Community College11000000
University of California, Santa Cruz10000000
Northwest Missouri State University20000000
Columbia Basin College42100000
DeVry Institute of Technology60000000
Terrant County College11110000
University of Akron11000000
Wilkes University11000000
Phillips Academy31000000
Tuskegee University20000000
Somaiya Vidyavihar10000000
Radford University50000000
Seattle Colleges10000000
Metropolitan Community College (NE)11000000
Volunteer State Community College10000000
Yosemite Community College District10000000
Amarillo College11110000
Keller Graduate School of Management21110000
Saint Anselm College11000000
Los Angeles Community College District11110000
University of the Pacific53330000
Hudson Valley Community College11000000
University of Iowa10000000
Green River College10000000
University of Northern Iowa21000000
Los Rios Community College District31110000
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis61110000
Calvin College10000000
Lindenwood University11000000
Washington University, Saint Louis31000000
Brandman University11111000
Park University30000000
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine10000000
City University21000000
Idaho State University11000000
Grand Canyon University10000000
Trident University11000000
Oklahoma State University20000000
Yale University31110000
Juniata College30000000
Delgado Community College11100000
Athens State University10000000
University of New Hampshire, Durham11111000
Seattle University10000000
Dallas County Community College10000000
Sandhills Community College10000000
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale10000000
Stanford University20000000
Colorado Mesa University11000000
Wilmington University32000000
Chabot-Las Positas Community College District10000000
University of Massachusetts Boston10000000
Jefferson College11000000
University of British Columbia11100000
Eastern Florida State College11000000
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley10000000
National Defense University21110000
University of Oxford10000000
University of Portland10000000
Salt Lake Community College10000000
Evergreen State College52000000
University of Rochester20000000
University of Notre Dame20000000
University of California, Merced20000000
Nova Southeastern University10000000
Waukesha County Technical College10000000
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota11110000
Florida Institute of Technology31110000
Riverside Community College District10000000
Chicago Public Schools10000000
University of Findlay10000000
East Stroudsburg State University of Pennsylvania11110000
Villanova University10000000
Aurora University11100000
Fort Hays State University10000000
Auburn University at Montgomery128550000
Kirkwood Community College11000000
DigiPen Institute of Technology11110000
Georgia Southern University10000000
Broward College42000000
Mercy College20000000
Saint Paul College10000000
Pacific Lutheran University11000000
Claremont Graduate University11000000
University of Maine System11000000
Oakland University10000000
Georgia Regents University10000000
Community College of Allegheny County10000000
Coast Colleges10000000
National University of Singapore11111000
Lansing Community College10000000
Georgia State University10000000
Sullivan University11110000
Pepperdine University10000000
Appalachian State University10000000
University of Texas at Arlington4321430000
Louisiana Tech University11000000
Xian Eurasia University11000000
Central Michigan University21000000
Hiram College10000000
California State University Channel Islands10000000
Pace University11110000
Ocean County College11110000
Monash University10000000
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville10000000
North Dakota University System21110000
Pompeu Fabra University10000000
Western Michigan University21000000
Sinclair Community College10000000
North Central Missouri College10000000
Claremont School of Theology10000000
Southern College10000000
Case Western Reserve University11000000
Stevenson University10000000
Missouri State University10000000
Troy University10000000
Mount Saint Vincent10000000
Saint Louis University10000000
Connecticut State University System11000000
Central Maine Community College10000000
International Technological University10000000
Worcester Polytechnic Institute11000000
Clover Park Technical College11000000
California State University, Bakersfield10000000
Edmonds Community College10000000
Cleveland State Community College10000000
Maryville University11100000
Keiser University11000000
Montana State University - Bozeman11000000
Maharishi University of Management10000000
Northeast Iowa Community College10000000
Central Texas College10000000
Pearl River Community College10000000
Temple University10000000
Cape Fear Community College10000000
Weber State University21000000
Stephen F. Austin State University30000000
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges11000000
King University10000000
Monroe College10000000
University of Southern Indiana10000000
Collin College10000000
Brigham Young University - Idaho10000000
ITT Technical Institute10000000
University of Southern Mississippi10000000
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center10000000
Columbus Technical College10000000
Lipscomb University10000000
University of Oklahoma10000000
California State University, San Bernardino10000000
Pacific University10000000
University of Connecticut10000000
Washington College10000000
Princeton University10000000
Rockford College10000000
University of North Carolina at Asheville10000000
University of North Dakota10000000
University of North Carolina at Greensboro10000000
Drew University10000000
Eastern Michigan University11000000
Marymount University10000000
Loyola University Chicago11000000
Howard University10000000
Young Harris College10000000
Wagner College11000000
Cerritos College11000000
New Jersey City University10000000
Gilman School10000000
Mid Michigan Community College10000000
Utah Valley Uniersity10000000
Metropolitan Community College (MO)10000000
NorthCap University10000000
Hamdard University10000000
Western New England University10000000
York College of Pennsylvania10000000
University of Massachusetts at Amherst10000000
Baldwin Wallace University10000000
National Institute of Technology, Trichy10000000
Johnson County Community College11100000
Santa Clara University20000000
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute11000000
LeTourneau University10000000
Amherst College10000000
Century College11000000
Bradley University10000000
Yavapai College11000000
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai10000000
Santa Rosa Junior College10000000
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga11000000
Oakland Community College10000000
California State University, Fresno10000000

As can be seen on the interactive map below, students from across the U.S. participated in the challenge, with almost every state having at least one participant. Click on the markers within the map to see more information about a given school.

There were several students from universities outside the U.S. that participated in the challenge as well - move the map around to find those too! (Note - participating in the challenge required a valid .edu email address.)

Task 0 Progress

To get started, the lead DHS forensic investigator has provided you with the files and instructions necessary to set up a test instance of the system. Once you have a working setup, submit the agent ID associated with your agent binary.

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
North Carolina State University262017-09-15 22:18:20
Johns Hopkins University182017-09-15 22:46:13
University of Hawaii232017-09-15 22:02:23
Pennsylvania State University592017-09-15 23:23:40
University of Florida22017-09-17 14:22:13
University of Advancing Technology92017-09-15 22:29:10
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University112017-09-16 00:33:36
Virginia Community College System172017-09-15 21:43:55
University of Maryland, Baltimore County272017-09-16 00:57:16
Naval Postgraduate School42017-09-15 22:41:24
George Mason University42017-09-19 23:02:15
Air Force Institute of Technology32017-09-15 22:13:19
Stevens Institute of Technology52017-09-18 22:27:24
United States Military Academy112017-09-16 00:10:47
Lewis University22017-09-22 15:56:18
Norwich University12017-09-18 16:57:54
University of Memphis112017-09-15 22:05:47
Texas A&M University - College Station392017-09-16 02:27:38
Dakota State University312017-09-15 22:24:24
New York University12017-10-04 18:43:55
University of Southern California82017-09-15 22:29:43
Massachusetts Institute of Technology122017-09-16 21:56:40
University of Arkansas System eVersity12017-09-16 02:40:19
Tufts University12017-10-04 08:25:24
County College of Morris12017-09-27 14:22:51
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology22017-10-14 02:21:20
Augsburg College12017-09-17 00:19:29
University of Delaware22017-09-25 20:17:22
Lafayette College32017-09-15 21:49:03
Georgia Institute of Technology452017-09-15 21:46:30
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs62017-09-17 19:02:33
Fordham University22017-09-19 17:55:56
University of New Mexico32017-09-17 21:21:53
Morgan State University22017-09-19 11:20:42
University of Maryland, College Park62017-09-16 00:44:14
Iowa State University142017-09-15 22:24:34
University of Central Florida32017-10-25 00:10:41
Carnegie Mellon University162017-09-15 21:53:25
Bellevue University52017-09-18 06:18:44
Purdue University132017-09-15 22:02:19
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences12017-09-16 13:18:15
University of Virginia, Charlottesville52017-09-15 21:46:27
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology42017-09-16 16:16:08
Kansas State University12017-09-30 14:34:36
University of Cincinnati242017-09-15 22:36:51
University of Illinois at Springfield172017-09-18 16:07:00
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill12017-09-18 10:57:03
Texas State Technical College22017-09-27 21:26:20
University of Texas at El Paso162017-09-16 17:40:52
Old Dominion University22017-09-19 20:51:22
University of Alabama at Birmingham12017-09-18 14:02:44
University of Alabama at Huntsville12017-09-21 01:52:31
Technical University of Munich12017-09-16 11:17:51
University of North Carolina at Charlotte12017-12-31 23:10:19
North Carolina A&T State University12017-10-03 17:36:38
Coastal Bend College12017-09-19 11:53:28
Rochester Institute of Technology12017-09-15 23:24:38
Indiana State University12017-09-15 22:24:10
University of Pittsburgh12017-09-26 15:21:03
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania12017-09-17 19:17:44
Columbus State University12017-09-22 14:38:04
Indiana University22017-09-30 14:27:20
Capitol Technology University102017-09-16 01:03:24
Terra State Community College12017-10-07 16:21:38
Stony Brook University22017-09-21 19:59:26
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana52017-09-18 05:16:06
Hallmark University22017-09-15 22:20:15
Bowie State University92017-09-23 00:18:30
Guilford College12017-09-15 22:23:58
California State University, Los Angeles12017-12-21 21:05:22
University of West Florida12017-09-16 02:54:01
University of San Francisco12017-09-17 04:49:43
Utica College32017-09-17 18:00:33
University of Maryland - University College192017-09-15 23:57:11
University of Tulsa152017-09-16 13:29:20
Champlain College212017-09-16 00:25:58
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign42017-09-15 22:22:58
Harford Community College12017-09-20 19:17:34
Marist College22017-09-16 12:35:53
University of Houston92017-09-16 19:37:09
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities42017-09-16 21:55:19
Auburn University12017-09-20 15:03:14
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory12017-09-16 12:06:04
Davenport University52017-09-16 02:25:29
West Virginia University32017-09-16 14:30:51
Liberty University42017-09-16 00:21:51
University of Texas at San Antonio92017-09-17 03:50:52
Florida Polytechnic University12017-09-16 00:11:40
Georgetown University12017-09-15 23:35:44
Our Lady of the Lake University12017-09-27 16:44:02
University of North Texas22017-09-16 02:25:51
Missouri University of Science and Technology22017-09-18 16:37:37
Wake Forest Baptist Health12017-09-21 13:28:36
Rutgers University, Newark32017-09-17 14:56:18
Montgomery College22017-09-18 02:31:16
Western Governors University32017-09-16 23:49:08
Lake Superior College22017-10-08 23:27:31
University of Nebraska, Omaha12017-09-17 03:54:38
University of North Georgia32017-09-17 21:57:17
Michigan Technological University22017-09-16 01:46:53
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona22017-09-16 13:33:27
Arizona State University212017-09-17 00:39:38
The Citadel12017-10-12 00:16:31
Hood College12017-09-18 09:53:44
Columbia University22017-09-16 02:45:12
Cornell University12017-10-15 20:21:00
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor12017-09-16 00:18:50
University of Texas at Dallas72017-09-16 04:19:10
Drexel University12017-09-26 21:45:28
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University22017-09-18 15:42:02
Colorado State University12017-09-16 00:25:54
University of California, Berkeley32017-09-16 22:57:20
College of William and Mary12017-09-18 12:41:27
University of California, San Diego22017-11-25 23:50:11
University of Texas at Austin72017-09-16 13:55:11
Oregon State University82017-09-20 19:13:04
University of Chicago32017-09-18 23:31:31
Anne Arundel Community College22017-09-20 15:33:43
Blinn College12017-09-15 22:27:21
Chemeketa Community College12017-09-15 22:37:28
Blue Ridge Community College12017-09-16 11:23:03
Palomar College12017-09-28 21:26:00
University of California, Riverside82017-09-16 01:05:46
American Public University System22017-09-18 07:22:26
Mississippi State University72017-09-16 10:37:06
Houston Community College12017-09-15 22:35:35
Southern Utah University12017-09-19 20:29:11
Wake Technical Community College12017-09-15 23:37:41
Ohio State University, Columbus42017-09-15 22:41:05
George Washington University72017-09-15 22:21:41
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology22017-09-15 22:26:29
Mississippi College12017-09-19 20:09:59
Colorado Technical University32017-09-19 11:23:29
Lesley University12017-09-18 14:49:20
San Mateo County Community College District32017-10-01 20:32:16
Lewis & Clark College12017-09-16 02:26:34
University of Arkansas - Little Rock62017-09-16 18:46:35
University of Idaho122017-09-22 01:59:59
SANS Technology Institute32017-09-16 02:16:08
Ferris State University22017-09-16 02:33:44
Maricopa County Community College District32017-09-18 09:44:01
Northeastern University12017-12-03 00:03:06
University of South Carolina12017-09-16 09:59:45
College of Southern Maryland12017-10-05 00:00:01
Duquesne University22017-09-18 19:09:16
University of Phoenix22017-09-16 19:23:47
University of California, Davis42017-11-14 19:45:59
University of South Alabama22017-09-16 13:40:30
Northern Arizona University12017-09-16 16:37:34
Boston University22017-11-01 22:24:12
University of Colorado at Boulder22017-09-17 22:41:44
San Jose State University32017-09-17 06:23:02
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art12017-09-21 19:38:24
Santa Barbara City College12017-09-17 00:19:37
University of North Florida12017-09-16 22:12:21
Illinois Institute of Technology12017-09-16 23:52:48
North Dakota State University12017-12-10 19:26:30
University of South Florida52017-09-17 15:39:37
DePaul University22017-09-17 02:01:41
Aims Community College12017-09-17 17:10:06
University of California, Irvine12017-09-17 06:25:46
Augusta University22017-10-07 17:15:07
Harvard University42017-09-18 23:36:55
Syracuse University32017-09-18 12:28:53
Southern New Hampshire University32017-12-19 22:41:43
State University of New York at Buffalo22017-11-17 00:39:03
Franklin University12017-09-17 14:55:05
Florida International University42017-10-13 01:32:10
University of Pennsylvania12017-09-18 21:49:57
City University of New York22017-10-25 21:43:32
Duke University22017-11-15 13:52:00
Kaplan University12017-09-27 23:11:28
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo12017-09-17 23:10:45
City College of San Francisco12017-09-18 03:40:52
Regis University12017-09-19 03:06:51
University of Nebraska, Lincoln12017-09-22 11:18:16
University of Nevada, Reno22017-10-27 01:22:17
Brigham Young University22017-09-29 17:47:29
Valley Forge Military Academy & College12017-09-19 16:59:15
University of Washington32017-09-30 02:47:13
University of Oregon12017-11-02 22:06:20
United States Coast Guard Academy22017-09-18 15:33:32
Baylor University12017-09-20 02:55:30
Polytechnic University of Catalonia12017-12-25 17:42:26
James Madison University52017-09-23 13:25:42
Walden University12017-11-09 22:07:14
California State University, Sacramento42017-11-11 12:15:13
Western Washington University32017-10-12 15:52:33
Monmouth University12017-09-30 14:32:02
New York Institute of Technology32017-09-20 00:16:21
West Virginia Wesleyan College12017-09-23 23:14:49
Towson State University32017-09-19 18:08:50
Fountainhead College of Technology92017-09-20 16:10:01
Florida State University52017-09-22 11:15:13
Northern Virginia Community College12017-09-21 07:25:41
Saint John's University (NY)12017-10-27 14:41:06
Purdue University Northwest82017-09-22 20:47:05
State University of New York at Albany142017-09-25 20:40:55
Concordia College - Moorhead12017-09-21 18:45:29
Colorado Community College System12017-09-21 19:05:07
University of Kentucky22017-09-21 15:00:18
East Carolina University22017-09-22 22:47:42
Indiana University of Pennsylvania12017-09-22 11:37:07
Chattahoochee Technical College12017-09-25 15:32:32
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College12017-09-26 18:59:13
Community College of Baltimore County12017-11-01 00:42:22
Northland Community & Technical College12017-09-22 22:29:35
Middle Georgia State College12017-09-22 22:18:10
Darton State College12017-09-22 23:44:47
Thomas Edison State University12017-11-16 19:19:17
St. Petersburg College12017-09-23 14:32:11
Oregon Institute of Technology12017-09-24 17:25:10
Mt. San Antonio College12017-09-24 22:59:18
Virginia Commonwealth University32017-09-25 00:11:17
Florida State College at Jacksonville22017-09-30 23:26:01
Palm Beach State College12017-09-25 12:24:22
École Polytechnique12017-09-28 22:46:14
Austin Community College12017-09-28 01:33:28
Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne12017-09-28 15:24:22
Bossier Parish Community College12017-10-21 00:38:24
Columbia Basin College22017-09-29 03:56:37
Terrant County College12017-09-30 14:20:38
University of Akron12017-09-30 00:21:11
Wilkes University12017-10-01 09:57:38
Phillips Academy12017-10-01 10:28:28
Metropolitan Community College (NE)12017-10-04 13:46:45
Amarillo College12017-10-06 20:01:07
Keller Graduate School of Management12017-10-06 13:32:15
Saint Anselm College12017-10-09 16:44:33
Los Angeles Community College District12017-10-20 00:11:07
University of the Pacific32017-10-10 02:51:32
Hudson Valley Community College12017-10-07 17:29:51
University of Northern Iowa12017-12-20 03:43:41
Los Rios Community College District12017-10-08 07:13:46
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis12017-12-01 16:32:06
Lindenwood University12017-10-10 20:35:10
Washington University, Saint Louis12017-10-10 15:54:05
Brandman University12017-10-12 01:21:36
City University12017-10-17 20:28:28
Idaho State University12017-10-18 18:51:27
Trident University12017-10-15 17:36:40
Yale University12017-10-15 23:45:21
Delgado Community College12017-10-16 16:55:03
University of New Hampshire, Durham12017-10-17 10:31:00
Colorado Mesa University12017-10-21 18:22:10
Wilmington University22017-10-24 16:17:30
Jefferson College12017-10-23 20:32:49
University of British Columbia12017-11-18 07:03:26
Eastern Florida State College12017-10-29 15:56:25
National Defense University12017-10-25 12:42:53
Evergreen State College22017-10-26 01:04:26
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota12017-10-27 10:36:59
Florida Institute of Technology12017-10-29 00:32:25
East Stroudsburg State University of Pennsylvania12017-11-02 22:57:42
Aurora University12017-11-04 21:44:31
Auburn University at Montgomery82017-11-06 22:44:46
Kirkwood Community College12017-11-07 02:41:26
DigiPen Institute of Technology12017-11-07 13:44:12
Broward College22017-11-22 08:45:49
Pacific Lutheran University12017-11-13 00:46:12
Claremont Graduate University12017-11-14 00:06:01
University of Maine System12017-11-14 10:11:50
National University of Singapore12017-11-20 09:37:02
Sullivan University12017-11-16 09:54:57
University of Texas at Arlington212017-11-20 18:26:49
Louisiana Tech University12017-11-21 09:29:05
Xian Eurasia University12017-11-22 12:12:14
Central Michigan University12017-12-20 19:32:48
Pace University12017-11-23 13:06:30
Ocean County College12017-11-27 15:20:25
North Dakota University System12017-12-01 14:53:33
Western Michigan University12017-12-02 17:10:24
Case Western Reserve University12017-12-16 22:23:14
Connecticut State University System12017-12-19 17:58:32
Worcester Polytechnic Institute12017-12-19 17:14:33
Clover Park Technical College12017-12-19 18:00:10
Maryville University12017-12-20 09:45:48
Keiser University12017-12-20 10:08:36
Montana State University - Bozeman12017-12-19 22:18:41
Weber State University12017-12-23 13:13:33
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges12017-12-20 02:02:42
Eastern Michigan University12017-12-21 03:03:24
Loyola University Chicago12017-12-22 16:19:28
Wagner College12017-12-22 15:14:34
Cerritos College12017-12-22 03:23:37
Johnson County Community College12017-12-26 16:11:34
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute12017-12-27 01:49:36
Century College12017-12-28 11:47:07
Yavapai College12017-12-28 17:12:57
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga12017-12-31 20:53:47
Task 1 Progress

The SCADA network's operations watch floor has discovered some heavier than normal loads on multiple servers and an increase in the number of failed login attempts as well as other suspicious network traffic. The ops team collected several packet captures from around the time of the incident, one of which is provided. In addition, they have provided TLS session keys to decrypt the traffic for easier inspection. Your objective is to analyze the provided packet capture and identify all TLS sessions associated with potentially malicious actor(s).

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
North Carolina State University112017-09-15 23:32:03
Johns Hopkins University112017-09-16 02:53:55
University of Hawaii132017-09-16 00:53:05
Pennsylvania State University172017-09-16 10:26:45
University of Florida12017-12-27 00:12:24
University of Advancing Technology32017-09-16 02:08:28
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University52017-09-16 12:58:21
Virginia Community College System32017-09-16 00:49:18
University of Maryland, Baltimore County52017-09-18 12:10:54
Naval Postgraduate School32017-09-17 00:21:52
Air Force Institute of Technology32017-09-16 00:24:58
Stevens Institute of Technology22017-09-29 20:23:01
United States Military Academy42017-09-16 13:19:11
Norwich University12017-10-22 17:53:11
University of Memphis72017-09-16 00:00:40
Texas A&M University - College Station152017-09-17 18:11:13
Dakota State University112017-09-16 02:38:38
University of Southern California32017-09-16 01:36:17
Massachusetts Institute of Technology62017-09-25 00:25:27
University of Arkansas System eVersity12017-09-16 17:01:36
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology12017-10-17 02:09:46
Augsburg College12017-09-17 00:47:42
Lafayette College22017-09-15 22:39:49
Georgia Institute of Technology332017-09-15 23:12:43
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs22017-09-18 03:15:37
Fordham University22017-09-22 19:35:42
University of New Mexico22017-09-18 00:32:27
Morgan State University22017-09-19 23:46:00
University of Maryland, College Park12017-09-16 01:11:33
Iowa State University82017-09-16 02:00:35
University of Central Florida22017-11-20 17:35:16
Carnegie Mellon University82017-09-15 22:18:37
Bellevue University32017-09-18 22:03:51
Purdue University72017-09-16 00:43:22
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences12017-09-16 17:19:26
University of Virginia, Charlottesville42017-09-16 01:45:22
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology32017-09-22 19:42:09
Kansas State University12017-09-30 17:11:13
University of Cincinnati102017-09-16 13:38:57
University of Illinois at Springfield62017-10-01 11:47:23
University of Texas at El Paso82017-09-16 19:04:05
University of Alabama at Huntsville12017-09-21 04:46:27
Technical University of Munich12017-09-16 13:06:12
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania12017-09-21 13:26:14
Indiana University12017-10-22 21:06:24
Capitol Technology University72017-09-16 23:03:05
Terra State Community College12017-11-13 07:34:30
Stony Brook University12017-09-21 21:14:28
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana22017-09-18 12:15:38
Hallmark University12017-09-18 00:33:54
University of West Florida12017-09-16 19:03:16
University of San Francisco12017-09-17 19:13:04
Utica College12017-09-22 21:46:31
University of Maryland - University College102017-09-18 08:36:26
University of Tulsa62017-09-17 02:56:35
Champlain College52017-09-17 19:21:36
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign22017-09-15 23:17:38
University of Houston22017-10-13 10:50:01
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities32017-09-16 22:55:58
Davenport University22017-09-16 03:48:22
West Virginia University12017-09-18 02:38:30
Liberty University32017-09-16 01:44:50
University of Texas at San Antonio22017-09-20 20:29:29
Florida Polytechnic University12017-09-16 00:53:48
Georgetown University12017-09-16 02:05:40
Our Lady of the Lake University12017-09-28 10:44:09
Rutgers University, Newark12017-09-18 00:10:34
Montgomery College22017-09-19 06:06:34
Western Governors University12017-09-21 00:27:48
University of Nebraska, Omaha12017-09-17 16:41:13
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona22017-09-16 14:03:07
Arizona State University132017-09-20 01:07:39
Hood College12017-09-18 15:45:55
Cornell University12017-10-17 10:09:12
University of Texas at Dallas52017-09-16 19:24:31
University of California, Berkeley22017-09-16 23:18:40
University of California, San Diego12017-12-25 02:03:59
University of Texas at Austin22017-11-11 19:40:25
Oregon State University22017-09-20 20:08:50
University of Chicago22017-09-19 00:46:39
Anne Arundel Community College12017-10-04 13:58:50
Chemeketa Community College12017-09-16 09:29:26
Blue Ridge Community College12017-09-16 16:15:16
University of California, Riverside22017-09-16 01:50:37
American Public University System12017-09-19 20:40:44
Mississippi State University32017-09-16 15:37:54
Houston Community College12017-09-16 00:00:39
Ohio State University, Columbus12017-09-16 00:23:23
George Washington University12017-09-29 21:22:12
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology12017-10-26 16:21:06
Mississippi College12017-09-25 23:13:18
Colorado Technical University22017-10-12 19:49:35
Lesley University12017-09-18 20:29:21
San Mateo County Community College District12017-12-23 08:12:38
University of Idaho72017-09-26 18:55:04
SANS Technology Institute12017-09-17 00:24:08
Ferris State University22017-09-17 00:24:42
Maricopa County Community College District12017-09-25 13:38:11
Northeastern University12017-12-03 15:21:50
Duquesne University12017-09-28 03:51:26
University of Phoenix22017-09-19 09:11:32
University of California, Davis32017-11-17 03:28:30
University of South Alabama12017-09-19 00:41:25
Boston University12017-12-23 18:40:27
University of Colorado at Boulder12017-10-01 14:09:40
San Jose State University12017-09-17 18:41:10
Santa Barbara City College12017-09-17 02:04:41
University of North Florida12017-09-16 23:31:47
Illinois Institute of Technology12017-09-17 01:27:40
University of South Florida22017-09-17 16:37:18
Aims Community College12017-09-17 22:49:20
University of California, Irvine12017-09-17 15:03:56
Harvard University12017-12-27 02:16:00
Syracuse University12017-12-27 15:32:30
Southern New Hampshire University22017-12-20 00:18:42
State University of New York at Buffalo12017-12-17 18:52:06
Franklin University12017-09-17 17:56:09
Florida International University12017-10-13 14:03:53
University of Pennsylvania12017-09-19 21:44:37
Duke University12017-11-15 14:46:05
City College of San Francisco12017-09-21 01:17:24
University of Nevada, Reno22017-10-27 03:38:23
Brigham Young University22017-09-29 18:39:36
Valley Forge Military Academy & College12017-10-04 21:49:07
University of Washington12017-10-14 16:16:07
Walden University12017-11-14 23:40:38
California State University, Sacramento42017-11-12 10:49:48
Western Washington University12017-10-14 19:50:25
West Virginia Wesleyan College12017-09-24 20:54:07
Towson State University12017-09-19 21:01:45
Fountainhead College of Technology42017-09-21 10:31:42
Florida State University42017-09-22 15:27:52
Purdue University Northwest22017-09-27 21:09:54
State University of New York at Albany12017-11-07 21:25:01
Colorado Community College System12017-09-22 02:26:21
Indiana University of Pennsylvania12017-09-22 14:09:14
Middle Georgia State College12017-09-22 23:31:54
Darton State College12017-09-23 00:51:25
Thomas Edison State University12017-11-16 22:21:25
St. Petersburg College12017-09-24 14:27:04
Palm Beach State College12017-09-25 14:56:19
École Polytechnique12017-10-02 03:26:31
Columbia Basin College12017-09-29 18:24:56
Terrant County College12017-09-30 17:10:38
Amarillo College12017-10-07 11:47:57
Keller Graduate School of Management12017-10-09 13:22:35
Los Angeles Community College District12017-10-20 17:38:59
University of the Pacific32017-10-12 18:38:29
Los Rios Community College District12017-10-08 08:33:44
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis12017-12-01 18:43:41
Brandman University12017-10-12 19:19:21
Yale University12017-12-26 18:10:49
Delgado Community College12017-10-20 00:01:17
University of New Hampshire, Durham12017-10-17 14:50:23
University of British Columbia12017-11-20 21:51:03
National Defense University12017-10-27 10:28:51
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota12017-10-30 13:49:24
Florida Institute of Technology12017-11-04 22:38:32
East Stroudsburg State University of Pennsylvania12017-11-03 00:13:13
Aurora University12017-12-16 16:53:52
Auburn University at Montgomery52017-11-27 19:20:41
DigiPen Institute of Technology12017-11-18 12:01:23
National University of Singapore12017-11-20 14:23:41
Sullivan University12017-11-16 14:58:33
University of Texas at Arlington42017-11-20 22:01:46
Pace University12017-11-24 23:33:41
Ocean County College12017-12-01 15:03:14
North Dakota University System12017-12-04 04:04:44
Maryville University12017-12-20 14:15:58
Johnson County Community College12017-12-26 17:22:03
Task 2 Progress

The watch floor is impressed with your analytic skills and wants to know if you can develop a network signature that will identify the potentially malicious TLS traffic found in the previous task. The signature must operate on encrypted traffic for performance reasons (i.e., no decryption overhead). For this task, the network operations team has provided another packet capture (PCAP) file to help with the development and testing of your signature. This PCAP contains the same types of potentially malicious traffic as in the earlier PCAP, but the ordering and number of TLS sessions is different and you will not be provided any TLS session keys. The SCADA network uses the Bro Network Security Monitor, so you are encouraged to use the same to develop your signature. However, to provide flexibility to choose other network analysis platforms, the watch floor will not require that you submit your actual signature, but you will need to use your signature to find all potentially malicious TLS sessions in the PCAP. As with the previous task, you must locate the first packet for each suspicious TLS session and submit that packet's timestamp and source IP address.

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
North Carolina State University112017-09-15 23:49:06
Johns Hopkins University102017-09-16 03:32:10
University of Hawaii112017-09-16 04:12:16
Pennsylvania State University142017-09-16 11:21:25
University of Advancing Technology22017-09-16 05:40:28
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University42017-09-16 18:21:27
Virginia Community College System22017-09-16 01:17:35
University of Maryland, Baltimore County32017-09-20 00:33:04
Naval Postgraduate School22017-09-17 01:13:20
Air Force Institute of Technology22017-09-16 01:25:41
Stevens Institute of Technology22017-09-29 20:44:31
United States Military Academy42017-09-16 13:51:17
University of Memphis62017-09-16 01:15:17
Texas A&M University - College Station132017-09-17 19:05:18
Dakota State University102017-09-16 05:34:30
University of Southern California22017-09-16 02:25:25
Massachusetts Institute of Technology52017-09-25 19:02:18
University of Arkansas System eVersity12017-09-16 17:25:48
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology12017-10-17 02:43:47
Augsburg College12017-09-17 01:28:27
Lafayette College22017-09-15 22:53:32
Georgia Institute of Technology302017-09-15 23:31:09
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs22017-09-18 14:34:30
Fordham University12017-09-26 17:23:23
University of New Mexico22017-09-18 19:42:19
Morgan State University22017-09-20 11:27:10
University of Maryland, College Park12017-09-23 03:26:43
Iowa State University62017-09-16 02:19:48
University of Central Florida22017-11-22 16:05:29
Carnegie Mellon University82017-09-15 22:25:18
Bellevue University32017-09-19 18:34:37
Purdue University72017-09-16 17:43:19
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences12017-09-16 17:47:26
University of Virginia, Charlottesville42017-09-16 02:00:02
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology32017-09-23 22:26:04
University of Cincinnati82017-09-16 15:13:51
University of Illinois at Springfield32017-10-01 18:32:11
University of Texas at El Paso72017-09-16 20:22:25
University of Alabama at Huntsville12017-09-21 05:54:43
Technical University of Munich12017-09-16 16:03:58
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania12017-09-22 11:50:48
Indiana University12017-10-23 12:57:58
Capitol Technology University62017-09-17 16:22:32
Terra State Community College12017-11-19 21:19:12
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana22017-09-18 12:30:52
Hallmark University12017-09-18 00:51:32
University of San Francisco12017-09-17 20:02:39
Utica College12017-09-27 23:01:10
University of Maryland - University College102017-09-18 08:59:08
University of Tulsa62017-09-17 04:00:54
Champlain College52017-09-18 02:44:08
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign22017-09-15 23:40:46
University of Houston22017-10-13 14:25:59
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities32017-09-18 22:06:30
Davenport University12017-09-17 19:38:43
West Virginia University12017-09-18 03:31:10
Liberty University32017-09-16 02:34:30
University of Texas at San Antonio12017-09-21 12:31:49
Florida Polytechnic University12017-09-16 01:09:25
Georgetown University12017-09-16 02:59:21
Our Lady of the Lake University12017-09-28 11:26:31
Rutgers University, Newark12017-09-18 01:52:25
Montgomery College22017-09-26 00:00:26
Western Governors University12017-09-29 02:04:39
University of Nebraska, Omaha12017-09-17 19:09:21
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona22017-09-27 02:14:30
Arizona State University132017-09-24 11:30:05
Hood College12017-09-20 23:57:15
Cornell University12017-10-17 11:10:36
University of Texas at Dallas52017-09-16 20:15:13
University of California, Berkeley22017-09-16 23:54:47
University of Texas at Austin22017-11-11 20:32:54
Oregon State University12017-09-20 21:48:12
University of Chicago22017-09-19 02:06:58
Anne Arundel Community College12017-10-05 17:03:58
Chemeketa Community College12017-09-16 10:47:25
University of California, Riverside22017-09-16 02:02:33
American Public University System12017-09-19 21:51:01
Mississippi State University22017-09-17 17:55:54
Houston Community College12017-09-16 00:10:11
Ohio State University, Columbus12017-09-16 08:53:22
Colorado Technical University22017-10-16 19:37:03
Lesley University12017-09-18 20:44:11
San Mateo County Community College District12017-12-23 14:53:58
University of Idaho62017-09-26 19:53:54
SANS Technology Institute12017-09-17 04:32:27
Ferris State University22017-09-17 04:19:50
Maricopa County Community College District12017-09-25 14:55:20
Northeastern University12017-12-23 18:09:11
University of Phoenix22017-09-19 13:35:29
University of California, Davis22017-11-17 04:12:21
University of South Alabama12017-09-19 01:35:55
Boston University12017-12-23 21:55:51
University of Colorado at Boulder12017-10-01 21:56:03
San Jose State University12017-09-18 10:27:11
Santa Barbara City College12017-09-17 03:09:20
University of North Florida12017-09-17 01:27:31
Illinois Institute of Technology12017-09-17 02:36:34
University of South Florida12017-10-16 17:36:20
Aims Community College12017-09-26 20:18:53
University of California, Irvine12017-09-17 17:28:33
Harvard University12017-12-27 14:50:10
Syracuse University12017-12-27 16:36:56
Southern New Hampshire University12017-12-20 23:30:32
State University of New York at Buffalo12017-12-17 22:09:28
Florida International University12017-10-15 05:32:11
University of Pennsylvania12017-09-19 22:13:30
Duke University12017-11-16 10:26:48
University of Nevada, Reno12017-11-03 03:29:37
Brigham Young University12017-09-29 19:32:21
University of Washington12017-10-14 21:13:36
Walden University12017-11-21 01:09:07
California State University, Sacramento22017-11-17 17:00:08
West Virginia Wesleyan College12017-09-24 21:43:26
Florida State University42017-09-24 15:34:07
Purdue University Northwest22017-10-02 11:54:56
State University of New York at Albany12017-11-08 11:11:08
Colorado Community College System12017-09-22 04:40:10
Indiana University of Pennsylvania12017-09-22 18:16:33
Darton State College12017-09-23 01:21:28
Thomas Edison State University12017-11-17 19:48:32
Palm Beach State College12017-09-25 15:52:39
École Polytechnique12017-10-03 05:05:02
Terrant County College12017-09-30 19:20:23
Amarillo College12017-10-27 17:15:43
Keller Graduate School of Management12017-10-10 00:48:18
Los Angeles Community College District12017-10-20 18:58:37
University of the Pacific32017-10-12 19:35:39
Los Rios Community College District12017-10-08 14:20:50
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis12017-12-01 19:02:37
Brandman University12017-10-12 22:37:56
Yale University12017-12-26 18:19:19
University of New Hampshire, Durham12017-10-17 21:58:24
National Defense University12017-10-30 21:39:08
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota12017-10-31 11:47:45
Florida Institute of Technology12017-11-09 00:31:11
East Stroudsburg State University of Pennsylvania12017-11-03 16:37:04
Auburn University at Montgomery52017-11-28 01:57:59
DigiPen Institute of Technology12017-11-18 14:58:00
National University of Singapore12017-11-22 10:26:21
Sullivan University12017-11-17 13:26:00
University of Texas at Arlington32017-11-21 11:37:31
Pace University12017-11-25 00:00:55
Ocean County College12017-12-02 21:42:28
North Dakota University System12017-12-06 01:45:28
Task 3 Progress

With the information you provided, the watch floor was able to identify several other servers that were attacked. Log file analysis from one of the affected machines indicated that hundreds of connection attempts were being initiated per second, specifically attempting to brute-force guess authentication credentials. Although the authentication protocol in place was designed to defeat such an attack, the development team has asked you to conduct a code audit to identify any vulnerabilities. Your objective for this task is to analyze the authentication module to determine if it is possible to authenticate to the server in a manner other than what was intended. If an attack on the authentication scheme is possible, demonstrate it by submitting the Base64 encoding of the bytes that a malicious client could send to the server to authenticate successfully.

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
North Carolina State University62017-09-28 20:29:26
Johns Hopkins University22017-09-20 14:20:41
University of Hawaii52017-09-19 15:05:59
Pennsylvania State University92017-09-16 18:54:47
University of Advancing Technology12017-09-17 19:57:37
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University12017-11-05 21:58:36
Virginia Community College System12017-09-17 12:21:05
Naval Postgraduate School12017-10-10 11:44:49
University of Memphis42017-09-21 18:35:58
Texas A&M University - College Station32017-09-23 19:54:06
Dakota State University12017-09-27 03:16:01
University of Southern California12017-09-24 21:47:54
Massachusetts Institute of Technology22017-12-30 17:54:05
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology12017-10-19 19:45:02
Lafayette College12017-09-16 14:15:52
Georgia Institute of Technology142017-09-16 14:50:17
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs12017-10-07 12:37:05
University of New Mexico12017-09-20 03:17:13
Iowa State University22017-11-13 16:04:21
Carnegie Mellon University42017-09-16 01:58:33
Purdue University12017-10-28 16:18:46
University of Virginia, Charlottesville22017-09-22 20:09:03
University of Cincinnati12017-10-20 11:24:05
University of Illinois at Springfield12017-10-28 17:53:22
University of Texas at El Paso22017-09-18 12:29:28
Technical University of Munich12017-09-18 10:58:44
University of Maryland - University College22017-10-03 22:50:16
University of Tulsa52017-09-18 22:27:44
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities12017-12-31 12:07:08
Georgetown University12017-10-16 09:11:19
Arizona State University12017-12-17 22:29:10
University of Texas at Dallas22017-12-16 03:19:15
University of California, Berkeley12017-09-18 17:48:16
University of Texas at Austin12017-11-21 07:52:41
Oregon State University12017-10-03 17:49:16
Mississippi State University12017-10-31 15:31:59
Houston Community College12017-11-30 21:53:27
Ohio State University, Columbus12017-09-17 00:48:57
Lesley University12017-09-20 13:07:42
University of Idaho12017-10-06 19:30:34
University of California, Irvine12017-09-20 21:00:28
Syracuse University12017-12-28 21:15:51
Duke University12017-11-17 20:39:22
University of Washington12017-11-27 00:30:29
California State University, Sacramento12017-11-21 13:53:36
Thomas Edison State University12017-11-24 16:56:11
Brandman University12017-11-02 15:28:05
University of New Hampshire, Durham12017-11-02 22:52:43
National University of Singapore12017-11-28 18:45:01
Task 4 Progress

Further review of the production server logs indicates the attacker likely exploited the vulnerability that you discovered. The development team needs further assistance in determining whether this access vector will have allowed them to further infiltrate the network. Your task is to reverse engineer certain binary library files to identify a vulnerability could be exploited to send unauthorized, system-critical messages.

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
North Carolina State University32017-11-07 19:33:54
Johns Hopkins University12017-09-20 16:24:56
University of Hawaii52017-09-20 06:15:17
Pennsylvania State University62017-09-16 23:48:13
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University12017-11-22 19:21:56
Virginia Community College System12017-09-17 19:11:14
University of Memphis42017-09-27 11:57:48
Texas A&M University - College Station12017-09-27 22:41:44
Massachusetts Institute of Technology22017-12-31 16:05:46
Lafayette College12017-09-17 14:25:36
Georgia Institute of Technology52017-09-17 22:14:31
Carnegie Mellon University42017-09-16 03:46:40
Purdue University12017-10-29 16:24:58
University of Virginia, Charlottesville12017-12-12 01:38:28
University of Texas at El Paso12017-09-25 20:01:33
Technical University of Munich12017-11-01 17:44:12
University of Tulsa22017-09-24 21:21:32
Georgetown University12017-10-18 07:09:46
University of Texas at Austin12017-12-30 16:29:14
Mississippi State University12017-11-04 19:06:26
Ohio State University, Columbus12017-09-17 22:43:12
Lesley University12017-09-20 16:05:49
Syracuse University12017-12-29 14:53:29
Duke University12017-11-21 19:39:50
University of Washington12017-11-30 18:38:04
California State University, Sacramento12017-11-26 16:18:27
Task 5 Progress

Based on the vulnerable install command message you provided, the operations team was able to search through the incomplete network history and identify a similar unauthorized module install command that was sent out recently. Unfortunately we don't have the entire message, and it seems to have been published to an MQTT topic leading to broad distribution of the malware. The attacker must have installed a malicious agent module, and be using these systems for command and control over HTTP, and maybe exfiltration of sensitive information.

Luckily one endpoint was a system we could safely take offline and collect a forensic image of. We've provided it to you for further analysis. Identify the HTTP client malware by process ID, and find some other identifying information it uses when connecting to the server.

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
University of Hawaii42017-09-26 12:37:46
Pennsylvania State University32017-09-18 16:34:52
Virginia Community College System12017-09-22 09:48:20
Massachusetts Institute of Technology22017-12-31 18:56:32
Lafayette College12017-09-18 19:16:04
Georgia Institute of Technology32017-09-18 16:41:00
Carnegie Mellon University22017-09-16 07:57:09
Purdue University12017-11-04 23:51:14
Technical University of Munich12017-11-03 19:37:21
University of Tulsa22017-10-03 22:15:43
Mississippi State University12017-11-22 04:27:25
Lesley University12017-09-26 01:08:37
Duke University12017-12-01 15:45:31
University of Washington12017-12-13 01:38:07
California State University, Sacramento12017-12-17 18:11:42
Task 6 Progress

Using the banner you discovered in Task 5, we found a specialized web server for sale on a forum on the dark web that seems like the same one the attacker is using. You can download a copy of the web server in the link provided, along with other configuration information for a docker container to run the server. Your task is to reverse engineer and exploit the software, ultimately allowing the malware to be completely removed without any side effects to this mission critical network.

UniversitySolutionsFirst Solution Date
Lafayette College12017-09-27 21:26:35
Carnegie Mellon University22017-10-06 03:06:19