Welcome to the 2016 Codebreaker Challenge!

To get started, register for an account using your .edu email address. Then, visit the Challenge page to receive your instructions for starting on the first task in the challenge.

For information on reverse engineering and for some tips on how to get started, check out the Resources page.

Good luck!

The 2016 Challenge Has Come to an End

The 2016 Codebreaker Challenge has come to an end. Thanks to everyone that participated, and congratulations to everyone that made progress in one or more of the challenge's tasks (especially those that solved all six!) We will post a more complete summarization of the results and the challenge winners in the coming weeks!

For those students still interested in solving the challenge, we will leave the solution submission page up for the next few weeks (at least.) Any progress won't be reflected on the leaderboard, however. Check the news page for more details.

2016 Challenge Results

The 2016 challenge results are now available! They can be found on the 2016 Challenge Results page.

2015 Challenge Results

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2015 Codebreaker Challenge!

The results of last year's challenge can be found here.