3 January 2018: The 2017 Challenge has Ended!

The 2017 challenge has come to an end! Thank you to everyone that participated - we hope you enjoyed it! The challenge site will remain up for at least a few more months to allow those interested in completing the challenge the opportunity to do so.

20 September 2017: Announcements

There have been several updates to the site that are worth noting:

  • For Task 0, the instructions document has been updated to address issues that several students experienced
  • The Task 3 supporting text has been updated to include more information about the authentication protocol and on what students are expected to submit
  • For Task 5, instructions for getting started with Volatility have been added, along with a profile to use
  • For Task 6, more information has been added to the supporting text

In addition, there will be two virtual tech talks tomorrow, Sept. 21st that walk through solving the 2016 challenge. See the resouces page for more details.

As always, don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions. Keep up the great work in your effort to solve the 2017 Codebreaker Challenge!

17 September 2017: More Site Updates

There have been several additional site updates that are worth noting:

  • More improvements have been made to the Task 3 solution grading
  • The Task 4 grading logic will now also accept message files with the topic name prepended (as accepted by the agent_controller 'raw' send functionality)
  • Minor updates to the instructions for several of the tasks

Thank you to everyone that sent feedback about the various tasks. Also, as is evident by the leaderboard, many of you are making great progress with the challenge - keep up the good work!

16 September 2017: Site Updates

Please note the following announcements regarding changes to the site since the challenge launch yesterday evening:

  • 9/15/17 9:45 PM: libauth.so was missing from some previously downloaded t0_test_system.zip packages - re-download t0_test_system.zip to ensure your package includes libauth.so.
  • 9/16/17 12:30 AM: For Task 3, the Base64 encoding should be submitted instead of the hex representation as initially stated. The instructions for this task have been updated to be more clear.
  • 9/16/17 1:45 AM: Several issues identified with Task 3 solution grading have been addressed. It's recommended that you try re-submitting your answers to this task.
  • 9/16/17 6:30 AM: There was a site issue preventing succesful validation of Task 4 solutions. This has been resolved. It's recommended that you try re-submitting your solution to this task.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues. If you experience any others, don't hesistate to contact us at the address indicated on the resources page.

15 September 2017: The Challenge Starts Today at 9 PM EDT!

Registration has opened and the challenge will begin tonight at 9 PM EDT! Best of luck to everyone participating!

One thing worth noting - this year the challenge binaries will only be available for Linux. Instructions for setting up a Linux virtual machine for use with the challenge will be provided as part of Task 0. We recommend using Ubuntu 16.04.

23 August 2017: Registration for the 2017 Codebreaker Challenge will be open soon!

Check back soon for additional details!